Dracula vs. King Arthur is an original graphic novel co-written by Adam Beranek and Christian Beranek, with art by Chris Moreno, colors by Jay Fotos and lettering/design by Nick Beranek and Heather Addley. It has become beloved by a generation of fans worldwide and we are pleased to present it in this format.


Vlad Tepes of the Dracul Order is in his final days. His empire is about to be overrun by an advancing Turkish Army. Vlad will certainly be killed and have his remains spread across the countryside...unless he makes a deal with Lucifer himself. He will become Dracula, the first vampire, and go back to the days of Camelot to destroy King Arthur.

Meet the Creators

Christian Beranek is a novelist, producer and musician who helped pen the origin of John Doe for the comic book prequel to the movie Se7en. She has helped develop graphic novels, films and marketing campaigns for such companies as Disney, Top Cow, Harley-Davidson, Zenescope and Silent Devil. She likes to write about places she has lived and is currently working on a project in Cerrillos, New Mexico.

Adam Beranek is a screenwriter living in Los Angeles. He first came up with the idea for Dracula vs King Arthur in a Eureka moment during a break at work. His comic book credits include Se7en and Silent Forest. He plays a pretty mean game of ping pong and is an avid promoter of treating animals humanely.

Chris Moreno is a comics artist and creator whose work has appeared in Disney's Toy Story for BOOM! Studios, as well as The Minions of Ka from Arcana, and Paul Jenkins' Sidekick from Image Comics. His creator-owned character, Sanz Pantz: Ninja Platypus appears in the Popgun anthologies from Image. He is a fan favorite at conventions.

Nick Beranek is a front-end web developer with interests in gardening, vegetarianism, natural and attachment parenting, and video games. He works for a corporate entity, but don't let that fool you, he is very much in tune with indie and self-publishing companies. His credits include lettering for DvKA, Silent Forest, and the upcoming Eagle in the Snow. His wife Heather Addley helps him with the lettering and post-production. They live in Richmond, VA, with their two daughters.